Big Country, Vol. 3: Stories of Louis L'Amour

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Louis L' Amour, Louis L'Amour

Narrated By: Tom Weiner

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: April 2010

Duration: 3 hours 33 minutes


Louis L'Amour said that the West was no place for the frightened or the mean. It was a "big country needing big men and women to live in it." This volume presents five more of L'Amour's fine short stories about the West.

The Paiute in "The Nester and the Paiute" is someone Sheriff Todd has been keeping his eye on. But into town rides the Nester, and it looks like it'll be the end for the Paiute.

In "His Brother's Debt," Casady had reasons for not going to town, but he couldn't say no to a lady. Minding his own business proves not to work when Pete Vorys arrives.

In "Four Card Draw," Allen Ring wins a small ranch in a poker game, and it's all he'd ever hoped to have. But Marshall Bilton says no one is allowed to live there.

In "The Turkeyfeather Riders," Jim Sandifer stares across the land where he has been ranch hand and foreman, knowing what he plans to do will forfeit him the gal he loves.

In "Riding for the Brand," Jed Ashbury finds an abandoned covered wagon. What is inside convinces him to take it on and finish what the former owners had intended to do.