The Big Jewish Book for Jews: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Really Jewish Jew

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: July 2010

Duration: 6 hours 51 minutes


If both Ike Turner and Isaac Bashevis Singer are Jewish, what does 'being Jewish' even mean? The assimilated Jews of today are lost, and they need to relearn the old ways so their identity comes to mean something other than laughing knowingly at Curb Your Enthusiasm and being ambivalent about AIPAC. What they need is The Big Jewish Book for Jews, a hilarious compendium of instruction, handicrafts, and lore that will help them rediscover the traditional wisdom, skills and recipes, going all the way back to Moses and the original exodus from Egypt, when God was the only GPS you needed.

The Big Jewish Book for Jews brings together Jewish wit, inspiring tales, classic skills, and even pickle recipes, for the instruction and edification of the modern Jew. Readers will learn how to sacrifice a lamb unto the Lord, the rules of canasta, how to build a pyramid (the Bernie Madoff kind and the Egyptian ones), and how not to accept the first table you are shown to in a restaurant. Through this funny and informative reference, readers will build a connection to their ancestors and finally understand what it takes to be the Jew-est Jew of all.

Praise for Yiddish with Dick and Jane: '[A] hilarious little book, which functions both as a humorous tale and a genuine guide to a language with a sentiment and world view all its own. The brief story is priceless, but the equally funny glossary is a great reference to which readers can return any time they need the right Yiddish word'or whenever they need to determine whether the jerk they just saw is a putz, a schmo, or a schmuck.''Publishers Weekly