The Big Leap

Written by:
Gay Hendricks
Narrated by:
Gay Hendricks

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2009
5 hours 27 minutes
“Gay Hendricks is a great role model for true success. He enjoys abundance and a deep connection with his own spiritual essence, and at the same time has lived for three decades in a thriving marriage. Now, he shows us how to do it for ourselves.”
— Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Cracking the Millionaire Code

In The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks, the New York Times bestselling author of Five Wishes, demonstrates how to eliminate the barriers to success by overcoming false fears and beliefs. Fans of Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and The Secret will find useful, effective tips for breaking down the walls to a better life in The Big Leap.
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Delsa L.

This book is very easy to listen to. For the first time I felt compelled to finish listening non-stop for a few days. I went on to buy the hard copy book to listen again and read at the same time. This is a fenomenal book to allow the memories stored in the subconscious mind to come to surface and allow yourself to discover your personal "Upper Limit Problem." I recommend this book. Delsa Lopez

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Rosie B.

Mr Hendricks has a very simple way of explaining big concepts. This really helped me tackle some 'upper limit problems' and move forward in the three main areas of my life.

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Nekia R.

I love this book and recommend it to everyone

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Samantha N.

Good read, great lessons with a fresh perspective on how to leap from excellence to genius, a must read in my opinion!

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really enjoyed it I find myself thinking quite a bit about it when issues come up in my life.

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This was Great for personal growth1

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Viviana O

Absolutely love this app.

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Most books have been focused on bringing up the minimum levels but this is a refreshing look into how the glass ceilings can be breached. Would recommend to revisit the book on a regular basis in order to drive the message through.

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Patricia Porter

Really enjoyed it. Totally makes sense. It's what every athlete or marriage needs if you want to be successful!

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Victoria Rowland

This book is amazing, if you really are into personal development. If you want to figure out why you do what you do, then this is a must read. It's funny and insightful.

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