Billion Dollar Enemy

Billion Dollar Enemy

Written by:
Olivia Hayle
Narrated by:
C.J. Grey , Meg Price
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
8 hours 49 minutes
My one-night stand turns out to be my billion-dollar enemy. Yeah, I’m screwed—and unfortunately not that way.

I meet a handsome man at the bar, the kind you only dream about. You know the one? He drinks his whiskey neat and power oozes from his suit-clad form. The night we spend together is perfect—I’ll treasure the memory for as long as I live.

Until I discover who he is.

Who’s the billionaire asshole trying to tear down my bookstore? My one-night stand. Correction: my rich, handsome, calculating one-night stand.

I hate his determination and his ruthlessness. I hate the way he smirks and the thick fall of his hair. But most of all, I hate that I can’t look at him without remembering our night together—a night he’s keen to repeat.

During the day, we’re at war.At night, we’re lovers.

Sorry. I think they call it, ahem, fudge buddies. The two things are strictly separated.

No funny business. No emotions. And definitely no falling for him
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