The Black Prism

Written by:
Brent Weeks
Narrated by:
Simon Vance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2010
21 hours 26 minutes
In a world where magic is tightly controlled, the most powerful man in history must choose between his kingdom and his son in the first book in the epic NYT bestselling Lightbringer series.

Guile is the Prism. He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace. Yet Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live.

When Guile discovers he has a son, born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power, he must decide how much he's willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apart.
If you loved the action and adventure of the Night Angel trilogy, you will devour this incredible epic fantasy series by Brent Weeks.
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Loved the Night Angel Series. So decided to try this one too. Very unique concept with the light/color powers with similar epic themes of happening in a realm. On to book 2.....

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good read

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Jonathan Reed

Author issues: Well , it seems like the 90 percent of your time coming up with a magic theory and 10 percent on the dialogue. How can we enjoy listening to people talk with the depth of anime characters and take it seriously? I can't even give examples without literally laughing! Narrator issues: This narrator is absolutely horrible! he gives voices 2 characters that make no sense. The one hero of this book sounds like a surfer while the other sound like he is 8 years old.... which would be fine if he wasn't supposed to be 15! There is also the fact that he will say something loud while reading that the person was whispering. Um...... might want to pre-read the book. Also, having the passion of a person reading a phone book is probably a bad idea. Overall: skip this book! ! Re-read the name of the wind or the warded man 10 times before you read this crap!

Great book, I love fantasy fiction and the Black Prism is captivating, couldn't stop listening. The characters are vivid and believable the plot is interesting.

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J S.

I had no idea that listening to a novel could be this wonderful. I've read this series 6 times and absolutely love that this feels like I'm with another person. incredibly wonderful my husband even joins me sometimes instead of watching TV. well worth the very reasonable cost.

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Rosemary C.

Just couldn’t get into it. 5 hours. Just not there. Narrator was ok.

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This book is awesome. The world is so cool and so well built.

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Matthew H.

I’m giving this five stars because you should read it, but I’m going to be honest and say it doesn’t have the strongest start in my opinion. I definitely think later books in the series are much better and that the author really found his footing by book 2, but this is such a hidden treasure of a fantasy series. It belongs up there with some of the other big names. Unique magic system, characters that add layers every page, story arcs that feel satisfying and constantly interesting, amazing plot twists, and, biggest of all to me, a really honest and thoughtful discussion of religion and existential questions. I think that’s an element that few people talk about, but Weeks has a really nuanced approach to talking about hugely controversial metaphysical topics that’s one of a kind. If you wrestle with the existence of a higher being and your attitude toward it, I think you’ll find this interesting. It’s neither dismissive, irreverent atheism nor preachy sermonizing.

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Marshall K.

can't get enough of this author

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Devon Wheaton

Definitely upset by these negative reviews, this is an amazing series with great characters and an immersive world. And Simon Vance is one of my all time favourite narrators. I would listen to this man read anything.

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Susan W.

Fantastic narration, and story. I love Week’s writing!

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Samuel E.

One of my favorite books in a long time, childish at moments to add humor but a wonderfully new way of magic and interesting story that slowly builds and doesn't feel like just a person's idea of a fantasy world with an ending slapped on to it.

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Jade c

I tried so hard to like this book ! But 12h in still not loving it or licking it I had to give up

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Timothy F

Great story well told, very easy to listen and follow. Characters are bold and believable. Reminds me somewhat of Dune, one of my favorites. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

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Dennis onek

Good narration and epic story. I loved it.

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hunter Eagle

Brent Weeks is a wizard with words, and the narrarator's voice is as sweet as honey.

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Kristen Simler

I love this book! I loved it in paperback and wanted to listen to it for a second go around while at work. Although the book is still marvelously wriiten with interesting characters, an intricate magic system, snd fabulous humor this narrator is god awful! I struggled with every aspect of his voice and reading.

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Justin Tockey

Good book. I really enjoyed the complex magic system that necessitated the wonderfully complex social and political systems of this world. It challenged most of my preconceived notions of fantasy magic use and every page was an enjoyable learning experience. Having said that, do not purchase this audio book if it's narrated by Kristofer Jean. He's an awful voice actor and narrator. His diction, pacing, subject emphasis, and vocal interpretations are unnatural and downright horrible. He voiced Gavin Guile, the most powerful man in the world, as a surfer bum and his son, the second most powerful man in the world, as Oliver Twist asking for more porridge. The only way I could get through listening to him butcher the characters was to pretend that he was actually misreading the book on purpose out of spite; which actually had me laughing out loud when he would break in with a particularly awful rendition. I will have to reread this on paperback to get a better feel for the story.

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Shavez Lee

dear God this Narrator is horrible. I have been a long time listener to books on audio and don't think I have ever come across a more poorly voice acted book ever. This book and series are actually quite good just the narrator makes it so bland and meh...

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James Pena

The story is pretty unique and solid, but the voice acting is just horrible, at times distracting from the story. Think Bill & Ted era Keanu Reeves reading the story. I'll push through this audiobook, but begrudgingly so.

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Allison Middlebrook

I love Brent Weeks' books. always have and always will. The Lightbringer series is one of my absolute favorites and it makes me sad to hear this narrator butcher it. I can't spend hours of my day reading anymore because of my job, so I have turned to audiobooks. Better to spend 28 hours listening to a book rather than two weeks trying to read it in my limited spare time. But this narrator is absolutely horrid. I can't take Gavin's dialogue seriously. I could suffer through everything else that he does wrong, but with Gavin as the main hero, I can't listen to a surfer dude's voice and think 'oh yes, this is a very poignant scene. This is sad. Poor Gavin.' No, I think I want to punch him in the nose every time he speaks. The book is brilliant. The narrator needs to be fired.

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Jamin Mahoney

Amazing, this immediately became my favorites series. The narrator of the next book, the Blinding Knife, is much better.

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