The Black Rose Chronicles: Deceit and Lies

Unabridged Audiobook

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Book Rating (4)

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Written By: A.K. Michaels

Narrated By: Stephanie Rose

Date: July 2019

Duration: 5 hours 46 minutes


Lies come easy for me, as easily as I can change my face and my appearance with my forbidden magic. It's necessary . . . I'm an Assassin.

Dangerous and deadly, I've just agreed to take on the most treacherous mission of all. But when I meet my mark, the new leader of the Vampires, Cassius Allarde, my instincts are screaming that something's wrong. My heart gets in the way of my job, but if I don't carry out what he's paid me to do, I'll have a powerful and angry Demon heading my way.

The Demon lied through his teeth, but that won't save me from his fury. I must complete my mission, but I can't stop my heart pounding every time Cassius is near me. When he looks at me, I want to fall into his arms and forget I've made a deal with the Devil. But I'm The Black Rose, and she always carries out her assignments . . .

Contains mature themes.


  • Tamara K.

    While the narration is a bit disjointed for the first bit, hang in there because it gets much better. Once the narrator finds her flow and settles into the story, she does an amazing job bringing the characters to life and giving them different voices and I loved the different accents. This is the first book in The Black Rose Chronicles and it tells the tale of Rose, a witch-wolf hybrid assassin, as she struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where supernatural creatures run rampant and witches have been hunted to near extinction. Trained, raised, and protected by family friend and witch warrior Seth, he became her mentor and lover, but knows deep in his heart that Rose is meant for something more. When she accepts a job to assassinate the new vampire ruler, Cassius, events are set into motion that will have repercussions that effect the entire world. The book will have you on the edge of your seat and never guessing what will happen next as Rose discovers that things aren't as she was led to believe and the ending will leave you anxious to find out what happens next in this crazy world.

  • Sue W.

    The narrator starts off a bit robotic in her delivery of the descriptive scenes but soon settles in, her narration of the characters though I really enjoyed and found very good. I read this book some time ago and it’s one of my favourite series so when it came out as an audiobook I didn’t need to think twice about adding it to my library. Some books you know as soon as you start reading them that they are going to be epic, this is one of those books and the narration adds a new depth to the world this author has created. Rose is a kick ass heroine and you’ll have difficulty choosing your new book boyfriend, Cassius, Seth, Val? Decisions, decisions. Add in a powerful Demon (Basilius) with a hidden agenda and with a whole host of other supernaturals added to the mix, believe me when I tell you that you will not want to put this book down. As for the ending OMG ! Edge of the seat stuff. I cannot tell you just how awesome I think this book is except to say it's a must read/listen and 5 stars just isn't enough. I can’t wait for book 2 to hit audio.

  • Karen K.

    I read the paper and was given the chance to listen to the audio; at first I was not sure if I was going to like Stephanie Rose interpretation of the the Black Rose. She started off very choppy & Robotic. After the first chapter she found her Rhythm and I found myself enjoying the audio just as much as the PaperBack/ebook The Black Rose starts off intense hold on to your seat and never stops, at the end of the book you're going to be sitting with your mouth open and thinking to yourself OMG did that just happened. Rose is a strong sexy assassin who has trained an been raised protected by Seth family friend & Mentor. The world is a crazy place paranormal living among humans and because of Fear & lies witches are the hunted, one wants to bring peace to the world, another is determined to stop them and rule everyone with fear & chaos. This is a must read, if you love hot sexy paranormal action adventure; The Black Rose is for you! Looking Forward to the next audio in this series.

Black Rose Chronicles: Deceit and Lies

by A.K. Michaels

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Black Rose Chronicles: Deceit and Lies, A.K. Michaels
Black Rose Chronicles: Deceit and Lies, A.K. Michaels
This title is due for release on July 30, 2019.

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Black Rose Chronicles: Deceit and Lies, A.K. Michaels
This title is due for release on July 30, 2019
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Black Rose Chronicles: Deceit and Lies, A.K. Michaels
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Black Rose Chronicles: Deceit and Lies, A.K. Michaels

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