Blemished Beauty

Written by:
Brenda Hodnett
Narrated by:
Brenda Hodnett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
7 hours 14 minutes
Worlds collide when two strangers suddenly find themselves struggling to survive the Alaskan wilderness. Stranded in a small hunting cabin, Daphne and Tom are forced to share quarters. Daphne knows Tom will never be interested in her because of her bad skin and Tom knows Daphne will never accept him because of his bad past. The weather raging outside will not last forever. Is there hope that the storm growing in their hearts will?
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Laura R.

This story was both sweet and sad. Because of different circumstances, Daphne and Tom were taking refuge in the same cabin during a blizzard. As the storm raged, the two of them became better acquainted. I liked the characters of Daphne and Tom. They were both flawed, and each had to learn to overcome their own inadequacies and misconceptions in order to accept one another. This tale was moving and romantic. The story had some surprising twists and engendered a kaleidoscope of emotions. Brenda Hodnett's narration was fine. I was given a free copy of the audiobook, and I have voluntarily posted this review.

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Ami J.

What an inspiring story! I love that the characters are flawed and have to overcome some preconceived notions, thus growing from their conflicts. This is a clean romance with some deep issues that are addressed

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Becky S.

A clean coming of age romance. It deals with insecurities in both main characters. Daphne suffers from roseasa. Tom is struggling from his past behaviors. It takes place first in the snowy wilderness of Alaska. And then back to college life. A nice clean story for teens. The narration is done by the author. I give her 5 stars. Well done.

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