Blood Is Thicker than War: Brothers and Sisters on the Front Lines

Written by:
Martin King
Narrated by:
Martin King

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
10 hours 10 minutes
From the author of Triage and Searching for Augusta comes a history of love, hate, jealousy, and revenge between brothers and sisters during times of war through the ages.

Journey back through time to discover remarkable accounts of parents who waved off their sons and daughters, never knowing if they would ever see them again. One mother saw no less than ten of her sons between the ages of eighteen and thirty-seven, dispatched to the
frontline in the First World War. The biggest “real” band of brothers that ever served their country, but to discover how many made it back and who this dear lady was, you will have to read the rest. War is completely indiscriminate when it comes
to inflicting suffering and heartbreak on families, particularly when one’s own blood takes up arms to fight with, and in some cases against their own kin. These stories recount some of the prime examples of families divided and united in some of the direst conflicts.

When British police discovered the body of a dead woman, who locals knew as the “Crazy Cat Lady,” they found a small bundle of possessions that revealed a truly incredible story of two amazing sisters who served behind enemy lines as elite Special Operations Agents (SOE) during World War II.
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