Blood Line

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
8 hours 24 minutes
Tom Rollins has gone AWOL from his CIA black-ops unit and is living off-grid when he hears that the woman he loves, Alejandra, has been murdered by a person or persons unknown. Rollins is determined to punish her killers and sets out on his own personal search and destroy mission. Applying pressure as only he knows how, he quickly discovers who was behind the killing—a vicious gang of hardened criminals. Using his dizzying array of lethal skills, Rollins begins to take out the leaders of the gang, one by one. But then he discovers that Alejandra’s murder was part of a larger conspiracy, one that threatens death and destruction on a horrifying scale. The conspirators are clever and ruthless. They’ve thought of everything, covered every angle. Except one—Tom Rollins. Can Rollins find justice for the woman he loves?
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