Blood of the Key: Part 2 of The Berylian Key

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
9 hours 36 minutes
Even a stone can bleed.

On the run again, Amarie fears her new ally could secretly be working with Kin, even while Talon gives her every detail he knows of the Shade’s secrets. But Talon has her back during a dangerous encounter, and she risks showing him the truth of her blood.

After being forced to answer his master’s summons, Kin races to reach Amarie to save her from a new threat. When he fails to warn her in time, he finds himself trapped between Talon’s rage and the possibility of Amarie’s death.

But someone else is watching. And they know that even in the most dire circumstances, death … may not be the end.

Blood of the Key is Part 2 of The Berylian Key and Book 2 in the Pantracia Chronicles.
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