Blue-Skinned Gods

Written by:
Sj Sindu
Narrated by:
Varun Sathi

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
11 hours 13 minutes
From the award-winning author of Marriage of a Thousand Lies comes a brilliantly written, globe-spanning novel about identity, faith, family, and sexuality.
In Tamil Nadu, India, a boy is born with blue skin. His father sets up an ashram, and the family makes a living off of the pilgrims who seek the child’s blessings and miracles, believing young Kalki to be the tenth human incarnation of the Hindu
god Vishnu. In Kalki’s tenth year, he is confronted with three trials that will test his power and prove his divine status and, his father tells him, spread his fame worldwide. While he seems to pass them, Kalki begins to question his divinity.
Over the next decade, his family unravels, and every relationship he relied on—father, mother, aunt, uncle, cousin—starts falling apart. Traveling from India to the underground rock scene of New York City, Blue-Skinned Gods explores ethnic,
gender, and sexual identities, and spans continents and faiths, in an expansive and heartfelt look at the need for belief in our globally interconnected world.
Profile Avatar
Rob S.

This book is a seamless imagining of the rise and fall of a boy who has been told that he is a god, and the repercussions of that lie. Kalki, his family, and his friends are all vividly brought to life by the writer, and the narrator who handles the rendering of the characters with care and joy. I don't usually listen to audiobooks, as narrators can be very hit or miss for me, but this narrator really nails what i'm looking for -- a cleanly read story with small adjustments of the voice to fit the characters

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