The Blueprint To Take Your Life To The Next Level

Written by:
Dilan De Silva
Narrated by:
Dilan De Silva

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
13 hours 25 minutes
People have become successful before with wealth and wellbeing. People become successful all the time. They all have followed a blueprint to achieve this success. In this inspiring self-help book, the author reveals this success blueprint, and explains how to apply it to your own life. Despite your current standing, you can be wealthy, and successful if you simply follow the blueprint. The blueprint will help any person move upwards, from each bracket of life, such as; less wealthy to wealthy, unhealthy to healthy, loneliness to love, and depression to hope. It is a complete step by step guide book which reveals the path to your dream life. Dilan De Silva was on a quest to break away from the middle-class struggle. His urge to find a formula for success took him to various people, places, and experiences. With the discovery of the blueprint, he achieved his success. He is now on a mission as a success coach to change many lives. The blueprint helps you become whatever you choose to be. Good luck!
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