BodyWise: Discovering Your Body'sIntelligence for Lifelong Health and Healing

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Rachel Carlton Abrams

Narrated By: Vanessa Daniels

Publisher: Tantor Media

Date: June 2017

Duration: 10 hours 18 minutes


Are you tired? Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do you experience depression or feel anxious? Do you have allergies or autoimmune issues? Have you lost your sex drive somewhere along the way? If you have one or more of these symptoms, you may be suffering from what Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, calls Chronic Body Depletion-a condition that can be related to weight gain, high blood pressure, exhaustion, and many other symptoms that leave the body drained. In BodyWise, Dr. Abrams helps us to understand that these symptoms, uncomfortable as they may be, are actually a sign of our body's intelligence. Our bodies are trying to communicate-sometimes screaming at us to pay attention-and only when we learn to listen are we able to treat what ails us to achieve optimum healing and lifelong health. Dr. Abrams shares her customizable twenty-eight-day program, used with thousands of patients in her clinic, for healing the body both physically and emotionally. Through quizzes and detailed self-assessments, she explains how you can evaluate your own body wisdom for different areas in your life-including stress, sleep, libido, pain, anxiety, depression, allergies, and autoimmune issues.