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The BOLD Business Book: A strategy guide to start, run and love your bold business.

The BOLD Business Book: A strategy guide to start, run and love your bold business.

Written by:
James Kademan
Narrated by:
James Kademan
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
7 hours 1 minute

What does it take to be BOLD in Business?Suppose you were considering starting or improving your business. Suppose you wanted to make more money AND have the free time to enjoy it. Let's just say that you want to be able to have your business work for you. Maybe you are not there yet but the vision is real. This book is for you.

- Grab the book
- Read the book
- Take the action
- Get the phenomenal results
It starts with step 1.

With stories, data and a witty sense of style this is the business book that does not rival a desert in dryness though it does dowse you in useful content. You know how most business books give you a tidbit or two to take with you and are otherwise filled with pure drivel? How many tidbits do you think we packed into The BOLD Business Book?

This is the business book you will read and reread and give away to your friends who are on a similar BOLD path. What does The BOLD Business Book include? It includes powerful real world advice for your business about:

- Marketing
- Employees
- Making Money
- Gaining FREEDOM
- Time Management
- Meetings
- Emails
- Communication
- Advertising
- Leadership
- Service
- Sales
- Failure Management
- Cash Flow
- Accounting
- Taxes
- Whew!

This is The BOLD Business Book. Reading this book is only the start. But you need to start somewhere, don't you?

This is one of the best business books because it dares to talk about things that most other business books are afraid to. Things like what to wear in business as well as what to do at a networking event as well as email templates to help gain connections.

This business book also includes real world experiences and stories from real people with real businesses. 

This is the business book you have needed..
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