Bold in Babylon

Written by:
Craig Trierweiler
Narrated by:
Craig Trierweiler

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
2 hours 53 minutes
The people of God are still exiles in Babylon. The culture in which we live not only seeks to push God to the margins but also aims to silence the voice of biblical convictions. The church has not only lost home field advantage, but we also face daily pressure to conform to the culture of confusion. How do we remain bold in Babylon? How do we withstand the cultural pressures and live with courage in the face of lions?
In Bold in Babylon, Pastor Craig Trierweiler opens the pages of Daniel to proclaim a message that is uniquely relevant to our day. In coming days those who follow Jesus will continue to face fiery furnaces of adversity that seek to quench our Christian faith. For those who want to live with character and conviction, Bold in Babylon is a must read that speaks encouragement and hope across the generations.
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