The Bonfire: The Siege and Burning of Atlanta

Written by:
Marc Wortman
Narrated by:
Anthony Heald

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2009
16 hours 0 minutes
The destruction of Atlanta is an iconic moment in American history. But this epic siege on American soil has been treated only cursorily by historians. Marc Wortman grandly remedies this situation with The Bonfire, an absorbing narrative history told through the points of view of key participants both Confederate and Union.

The Bonfire reveals an Atlanta of unexpected paradoxes: a new mercantile city dependent on the primitive institution of slavery, governed by a pro-Union mayor. When James Calhoun surrendered the city after forty-five terrible days, he was accompanied by Bob Yancey, a black slave who was likely the son of Union advocate Daniel Webster. Atlanta was both the last of the medieval city sieges and the first modern urban devastation. From its ashes, a new South would arise.
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I really like Civil War history, and this book certainly did not disappoint. Interesting to learn about Grant and Sherman's strategy's, as Sherman marched south. My only criticism was the narrator's voice would drop at the end of a sentence, so I felt I missed somethings. The book also reminds one of the great loss of life on both sides, but the outcome was certainly mean't to be.

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