The Bootneck: Connor Reed Book 1

Written by:
Quentin Black
Narrated by:
Mike Rogers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
9 hours 43 minutes
The Chameleon Project'—a Black Operations unit led by Bruce McQuillian whose existence is only known to a handful of men. When a corrupt politician with an appetite for preteen girls kidnapped and tortured while under his Unit's surveillance, McQuillian is left with a dilemma - what to do with the rogue Commando responsible? As the stakes escalate, a sinister plot involving a triad of the Russian Bratva, an influential French arms dealer and one of the most powerful men within the British security services threatens to engulf the Isles. Could a man with an impulse for sadism and a three hundred and fifty-year-old ethos burnt within be the only man McQuillan can trust?
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