Brainstorming The Dynamic way to Creative Ideas

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Alex Faickney Osborn

Narrated By: Alex Faickney Osborn

Publisher: M-Y Books

Date: December 2012

Duration: 4 hours 33 minutes


Tap Directly Into Your Creative Mind... And Easily Access YOUR Million-Dollar Ideas
Ideas are the lifeblood of success... and the best ideas originate with brainstorming.
Brainstorming can help you successfully fix any problem, build any business, generate any plan, or develop any story. But the problem is that most people have no clue how to effectively brainstorm - either by themselves or with groups.
You can waste a lot of time coming up with old, boring ideas that won't work... and the whole time you actually believe that you are brainstorming.
What if you could discover the most powerful way to brainstorm - and start creating the most powerful - and most profitable - ideas in the shortest time possible?
"I'll Show You How to Do it..."
This book is a ground-breaking brainstorming method that was developed over 50 years ago. It has been tested...and proven. It is the most potent and most effective way to generate the ideas you need to succeed.
You'll tap directly into your creative mind and generate the ideas that NO ONE ELSE can, to produce the results you deserve.
With this book you'll discover:
• How a single idea can change your life, skyrocket your income, and gain you true respect
• The step-by-step guide to effectively brainstorm by yourself (or in groups) - and how to overcome any problems you may face with ease
• How you can tap directly into your subconscious mind and harness the true power of your creativity
• Who you want to invite to your brainstorming sessions, where you need to hold them, how you can spark the best ideas... and how to ensure those great ideas keep coming
• The biggest and best-kept secrets of a million-dollar "idea man"
This book is your opportunity to capitalize on the biggest resource you have... your ideas!
If you're ready to start brainstorming your way to true success, get this audio book!


Brainstorming The Dynamic way to Creative Ideas

by Alex Faickney Osborn

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Brainstorming The Dynamic way to Creative Ideas, Alex Faickney Osborn