A Breach of Promise

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2000
14 hours 12 minutes
The plaintiffs in a sensational breach of promise suit are wealthy social climbers Barton and Delphine Lambert, suing on behalf of their beautiful daughter, Zillah. The defendant is Zillah’s alleged fiancé, brilliant young architect Killian Melville, who adamantly declares that he will not, cannot, marry her. Not even to his counsel, distinguished barrister Sir Oliver Rathbone, will Killian explain his rejection of rich and charming Zillah. Utterly baffled, Rathbone turns for help to his old comrades in crime—Monk, the private investigator who knows his city like the back of his hand, and fearless nurse Hester Latterly. But even as they scout London for clues, from Mayfair to sordid Devil’s Acre, the case suddenly and tragically ends. An outcome that no one—except a ruthless murderer—could have foreseen.
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I am completely hooked on the William Monk series so I find it annoying that there are gaps in Audiobooks’ library that make me hunt for physical copies that I need to read until I can get to the next available unabridged audio title. Breach of Promise is my favorite story in the series so far. Halfway through, Anne Perry tips her hand, making it clear who the villain is and it does Not matter that we know so early. The first portion of the story, the trial, is so mysterious, so carefully plotted that I didn’t see the big midway reveal coming. Wonderfully done. The rest of the plot allows us to follow the heroes on their quest to uncover the evidence that will bring some measure of justice to a deeply and shockingly tragic situation. And *finally* Monk figures out his true feelings for Hester — took long enough!! Bonus subplot to an already excellent tale. The first audiobooks in the Monk series that had been available are narrated by the sparkling Davina Porter so I wondered whether a male narrator would be as enjoyable. I was delighted to listen to Terrence Hardiman’s portrayal of both familiar characters, and new ones - he brought a different and wonderful life to them all. Excellent and skillful narrator!

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