BULLSH!T: 50 Fibs That Made South Africa

BULLSH!T: 50 Fibs That Made South Africa

Written by:
Jonathan Ancer
Narrated by:
Rebecca Davis
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
6 hours 31 minutes
An outrageous miscellany of serious and light-hearted lies, myths, untruths, fibs and fabrications that tells the tall tale of South Africa.


The fibs come thick and fast, like a burst sewerage pipe:

- Why everything we’ve learnt about Shaka Zulu, ‘Africa’s Napoleon’, is a pack of lies.
- Back in the darkest of ages (the 1970s!), citizens were told that there were satanic messages if you played some of The Beatles songs backwards.
- National icon Hansie Cronje was a paragon of virtue, and integrity … until he wasn’t.
- President Nelson Mandela told us that we, as a nation, were ‘special’. Turns out we aren’t.


Whether a fabulous fib, an artful con, a doctor’s spin, or simply a bald-faced lie, there’s something for everyone.
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