Bushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush's America

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Molly Ivins

Narrated By: Anna Fields

Publisher: Random House (Audio)

Date: June 2003

Duration: 10 hours 36 minutes


From Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose, authors of Shrub, Bushwhacked is a hilarious, no-holds-barred look at George W. Bush and his administration, and an essential book for understanding the full, destructive impact of his presidency.
For years, bestselling political commentator Molly Ivins has been sounding the alarm about George W. Bush. In Shrub, her 2000 skewering of presidential candidate Bush, the inimitable Ivins, with co-author Lou Dubose, offered a devastating exposé of Dubya's career and abysmal record as governor of Texas. Now, in their second book on our current White House occupant, Ivins and Dubose take the wire brush to the Bush presidency and show how he has applied the same flawed strategies he used in governing Texas to running the largest superpower in the world.
Bushwhacked brings to light the horrendous legacy of the Bush tax cut, his increasingly appalling environmental record, his administration's involvement in the Enron scandal, and the real Bush foreign policy-botched nation building in Kabul and Baghdad, alienation of former allies-and, unfortunately, much more. Ivins and Dubose go beyond the too frequently soft media coverage of Bush to show us just how damaging his policies have been to ordinary Americans-"the Doug Jones Average," rather than the Dow Jones Average. Bushwhacked is filled with sharp observation, humor, and compassion for the people often ignored by the federal government and the Washington press corps.
With the war on terrorism posing unprecedented challenges to our civil liberties, and with the Bush economic policy in shambles, it is high time for a close look at the state of our Union. Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose provide just that in Bushwhacked-an incisive, entertaining, and damning indictment of the Bush presidency.
We've been Bushwhacked
Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose on:
Dubya's involvement in the failure of Harken Energy Corporation:
"There are countless subjects on which George W. Bush might have pleaded ignorance in 1990, but a failing oil business was not one of them."
Dubya's accomplishments as governor of Texas:
"As full-time residents of the state that gave you tort reform, H. Ross Perot, and penis-enlargement options on executive health plans, we're obliged to warn you that if Dubya Bush really had exported 'the Texas Miracle,' the country would be in deep shit."
Dubya's environmental record:
"Bush has a chemical-dependency problem, but it's not cocaine. It's Monsanto, Dow, and Union Carbide. They wrote the checks that put him in the Texas governor's mansion....Bush had two voluntary emissions-control programs here in Texas. One involved polluting industries. The other was directed at adolescent males, who were encouraged to 'try abstinence.' Only 3 of our 8,645 most obnoxiously polluting refineries actually volunteered to cut back on their toxic emissions. Numbers on teenage boys are not yet in."
Why the Republican Party is the party of unregulated meat and poultry:
"The Republicans win elections in the 'red states' in the center of the country, where cattle and chickens are produced and slaughtered. Democrats win their elections in the 'blue states' on the coasts. Republicans use the USDA to pay off their contributors in the red states. The result of that crude electoral calculus is laissez-faire food-safety policy whenever a Republican is in the White House. (If you must eat while the Republicans control the White House, both houses of Congress, and the judiciary, you might want to consider becoming a vegetarian about now.)"


  • d. rahl

    This should be required reading in all high schools. It's unfortunate it wasn't required before. How sad Molly Ivans is no longer with us.

  • Mary

    I wish more people had listened to Shrub before the 2000 election. The saga continues in Bushwhacked. Having read other books on the Bush Admin, Iraq, and the CIA's role, they back up what Molly Ivins says in her books. For instance, The Price of Loyalty, the Education of Paul O'Neill, presents the viewpoint of an administration insider on Bush's dismal environmental record, the influence of companies such as Enron and oil lobbyists during Cheney's secret meetings on energy policy, and Bush's disastrous economic policy.

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry to write this posthumously... However, Ms. Ivins' all out hatred for the Bushes and basically anything conservative comes to a head in this book and sadly so. There were Democrat led investigations to disprove a Bush - Ken Lay inappropriate relationship and these in addition to 90% of Ivins' unfair and ridiculous accusations are baseless and in my opinion libelous!!!

  • Julie Ames

    Excellent research and information. Unfortunately all too true. I loved the details. The world lost a good one when it lost Molly Ivins.

  • Michael Herb

    Molly Ivins professional approach and her commitment to journalistic standards blows the smoke and shatters the mirrors that obfuscate public perceptions of the Bush presidency. I found this book to be highly informative and entertaining. She does the American people a great service by uncovering the destructive side of the Bush Administrations policies.

  • Anonymous

    This book is so clever and poignant. It's like listening to a witty talk show host about an important topic.

  • Tom D.

    Overwhelming with facts. Listening to it a second time. Easily this could have been written over two books.In an environment where there are no "real" facts coming out in the news media..it is hard to be critical for too many facts being thrown at you...where is the news media on these facts, where are the Democrats..we might as well call him "KING GEORGE"!

  • Anonymous

    An excellent review of Bush's term in office. All the facts without the spins, lies, or photo ops so typical of this presidency. Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose tell it like it is.

  • Kitleigh Clark

    I'd give this book a just so-so rating. Ivins does good on the facts of the Bush debackle, but her reading is not at all engaging. "Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them" was a much more enjoyable and inspiring listen.

  • Gem Spector

    Ivins is meticulous in detailing the shortcomings of the W presidency, and she does it with wit and humor. Bush's adherence to evangelical protestant Christian political stands maintains his core constituency, but at what cost? The role of right-wing Christianity in justifying Middle-east foreign policy and the war in Iraq is well established, but it leaks into other foreign problems too. Ivins tells how during the crisis in Korea, Bush managed to alienate not only North Korea, but the South as well, "There's a feat," when Bush came out against the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Sunshine Initiative of cooperation between the two Koreas. This is when "the word incoherent began to be replaced by the word silly to describe our foreign policy." In other dubious foreign policy achievements, the Bush administration has failed to come out against both forced child marriage as well as female genital mutilation. Now, Oh Boy! he's going to start naming Supreme Court Justices too!