Business Management: Learn to Do Accounting, Negotiation, and Job Interviews

Business Management: Learn to Do Accounting, Negotiation, and Job Interviews

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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
3 hours 50 minutes
These subjects are included in this combo:

Subject 1: This guide covers a whole range of topics related to doing your accounting tasks and numbers properly. Such topics include:



Advance payments

Liquidation preference

Rollover risk




Net interest margins

Parallel loans


Subject 2: Today, we’ll tackle several skills and abilities you should master before you start or run a business. These are:


Communication tools and skills that are typically used in the workplace. Too many problems exist in businesses because of miscommunication, delays, and faulty reasoning.


Presentation skills. These will come in handy when selling, getting partners, negotiating, or marketing a product or service. We will go over some tips that can boost your presentation skills.

Subject 3: Through this book, your negotiation skills will receive a significant boost as knowledge of the practice of effective negotiating will be induced into your mind. When you know how to do it, you will be better prepared. Crucial tips and tricks will be provided to help you get the most out of every situation, assess the other’s cards beneath the table, and reach agreements that satisfy long term trust issues and encourage stronger relationships with you and the person you are negotiating with.

Subject 4: The people who are most prepared usually stand the highest chance to make a good impression on the interviewer. Aside from questions like “tell me about yourself” or “how would you describe yourself,” they will look for competent employees who know how to sell their skillset with confidence. They want to know about your weaknesses, and if those weaknesses will create any problems in their company.
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