By Sorrow's River: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Larry McMurtry

Narrated By: Alfred Molina

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: November 2003

Duration: 11 hours 1 minutes


At the heart of this third volume of his Western saga remains the beautiful and determined Tasmin Berrybender, now married to the 'Sin Killer' and mother to their young son, Monty. Although Tasmin intends Monty to become an English gentleman like his grandfather, he lives the childhood of a savage.
By Sorrow's River continues the Berrybender party's trail across the endless Great Plains of the West toward Santa Fe, where those lucky enough to survive the journey intend to spend the winter. Along the way, Tasmin -- whose husband, Jim Snow, has moved out to scout ahead -- falls in love with Pomp Charbonneau who dies at the hand of the ruthless commander of the Spanish troops.
The Berrybenders meet up with a vast cast of characters from the history of the West: Kit Carson, the famous scout; Le Partezon, the fearsome Sioux war chief; The Ear Taker, an Indian whose specialty is creeping up on people while they are asleep and slicing an ear off with a sharp knife; two aristocratic Frenchmen who aim to cross the Great Plains by hot air balloon; a party of slavers led by the bloodthirsty Obregon; a band of raiding Pawnee; and many other astonishing characters who prove that the rolling, grassy plains are not as empty as they look.


  • Anonymous

    I have read all of Larry McMurtry's books and this was my least favorite. There seemed to be no storyline, so it seemed to just "ramble" on and on. I wondered why the printed version of this book is being practically given away at bookstores. I didn't even bother to listen to the last disc.....

  • Anonymous

    If you read the previous 2 and enjoyed them enough then you will like this one as well but it just leaves you hanging at the end....and that Tasmin.....

  • Ricardo

    Where is the next CD? I can't get enough of the Berrybender party and the Sin Killer. I love McMurtry. I have Lonesome Dove, Return to Lonsome Dove, Dead Mans Walk, Streets of Larado, Etc...Keep Em Commin. A great historical perspective of the early 1800's. "In The Year of Our Lord, 1832." As Mary Berrybender would say. Keeps you wanting more.

  • cdfmg

    Simply a great way to spend the commute. Almost a romance novel, but plenty of action and rich characters. McMurtry at his best.

  • Kevin Harden

    Not a really a good story..Kinda like gone with the wind with main female character marrying one man & wanting another!!! I would almost class this as a darn romance not a western!


    This is the final chapter of McMurtry's series starring the tedious, cloying,silly Berrybender family. I read this one, McMurtry bombs with this series. Save yourself the time, trouble, and energy; read Lonesome Dove again instead. Submitted by Gem Spector

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by Larry McMurtry

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