Called to Care: A Medical Provider's Guide for Humanizing Healthcare

Called to Care: A Medical Provider's Guide for Humanizing Healthcare

Written by:
Laurence N. Benz
Narrated by:
William Elsman
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
3 hours 11 minutes
What is the golden standard of healthcare today?

It’s an important question. As a medical professional, you operate in a more disconnected environment than your predecessors. Compliance standards and excessive documentation keep you in front of computers instead of patients, and low reimbursement rates mean packing the day with appointments and sacrificing quality of care.

Dr. Larry Benz is finding ways to humanize healthcare again. In Called to Care, he shows you how to ignore constraints and build quality connections by treating patients as people, not numbers. He and his team know that patients who feel heard are more engaged in their treatment; more patient engagement equals better outcomes for everyone. Dr. Benz helps you reach new heights as a provider by helping you break out of your current cycle, renew your purpose, and improve the patient experience.

This is a book about reconnection. Find out how to reclaim your compassion, restore your patient relationships, and revive your calling.
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