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The Camel Club Audio Box Set

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Written By: David Baldacci

Narrated By: James Naughton, Tom Wopat

Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA

Date: April 2008

Duration: 17 hours 42 minutes


The Camel Club exists at the fringes of Washington, D.C., has no power, and consists solely of four eccentric members whom society has forgotten. One man leads this ragtag crew. He has no known past and has taken the name "Oliver Stone." Day and night, Stone and his friends study wild conspiracy theories and the machinations of government, hoping to discover some truth that will hold America's leaders accountable to its citizens. Yet never in Stone's wildest nightmares could he imagine the conspiracy they are about to uncover, in...

THE CAMEL CLUB: After witnessing a shocking murder, the Club is slammed headfirst into a plot that threatens the very security of the nation, full of stunning twists, high-stakes intrigue, and global gamesmanship rocketing to the Oval Office and beyond. It's an event that may well be the catalyst for a long-threatened Armageddon, and all that stands in the way of this apocalypse are these unexpected heroes.

THE COLLECTORS: Headquartered in a caretaker's cottage in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Oliver Stone discovers that someone is selling America to its enemies-one classified secret at a time. When Annabelle Conroy, the greatest con artist of her generation, struts onto the scene in high-heeled boots, the Camel Club gets a sexy new edge as the investigation of two chilling murders hurtles them into a world of espionage that threatens to bring America to its knees.

STONE COLD: One by one, men from Stone's shadowy past are turning up dead. To almost all who know him, Harry Finn is a doting father and loving husband who uses his skills behind the scenes to keep our nation safe. But the other face of Harry Finn is that of an unstoppable killer with his sights on Stone. As the Camel Club and Annabelle fight for their lives, the twists and turns whipsaw, leading to a finale that is as explosive as it is shattering.


  • robert r

    A slow start, entertaining, Reader was great. Fun book

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Richard D.

    I don’t think I can get through this book. It is so slow and boring. I love the John puller, will Robbie and memory man books but this one is snoresville. Nothing against the narrator but I don’t like him either

  • Thomas C.

    DB often uses a female and male to offer a more clear perspective. I have listened to about 7 of his books and this is my least favorite.

  • Carlton H

    Week, I have read these books but it was so enjoyable to be busy and just listen. In the 17 plus hours, I got a lot done and opened up a few Ears to the World of Audiobooks.

  • Samuel Heiney

    Excellent book!

  • Drew Martin

    First Book was slow to get into and narrator was not dynamic. Second book is much better and narrators are better. Third book is good.

  • Hope Bauck

    All three of the books were very good. The characters had great substance to them and all added to the theme of being on a team, each one had a unique characteristic that they brought to the table. I must admit that I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning of the Camel Club because I felt that too may characters were being introduced all at once. It was a little difficult to figure out a character's significance or relevance to the story before another character was being introduced. It was name,occupation, personality quirks, physical tendencies and then all over again....Name,occupation, personality quirks, physical tendencies. By the third character introduction I was like who was the first guy again? But once I pushed through that part the story line started unfolding and the amount of characters didn't seem so cumbersome. I realize that quite a bit of time goes between each book but if it is at all possible to have the same narrator do the additional book in the series that would be awesome. I just felt like from the Camel Club to the Collectors that the character Reuban changed ethnicities and from the Collectors to Stone Cold the character Caleb might have changed his sexual orientation. Listening to them back to back, one is able to pick up on little things like that. Overall the three books were very entertaining. We listened on a road trip and now my husband is hooked, I don't ever think he'll question how much I am spending again! I look forward to listening to more of David Baldacci's writings.

  • Jean Varner

    I had read the Camel Club in hard cover some time ago. It was interesting to listen to it again. The story was great and moved quickly. There was a lot of "food for thought" about the working of government agencies. The characters were likeable. It was worth listening to and I enjoyed it.

Camel Club Audio Box Set

by David Baldacci

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Camel Club Audio Box Set, David Baldacci
Camel Club Audio Box Set, David Baldacci
This title is due for release on April 11, 2008.

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Camel Club Audio Box Set, David Baldacci
This title is due for release on April 11, 2008
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Camel Club Audio Box Set, David Baldacci
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Camel Club Audio Box Set, David Baldacci

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