The Canterbury Tales

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2008
22 hours 20 minutes
Beyond its importance as a literary work of unvarnished genius, Geoffrey Chaucer’s unfinished epic poem is also one of the most beloved works in the English language—and for good reason: it is lively, absorbing, perceptive, and outrageously funny. But despite the brilliance of Chaucer’s work, the continual evolution of our language has rendered his words unfamiliar to many of us. Esteemed poet, translator, and scholar Burton Raffel’s magnificent new unabridged translation brings Chaucer’s poetry back to life, ensuring that none of the original’s wit, wisdom, or humanity is lost to the modern reader. This edition also features an introduction by the widely influential medievalist and author John Miles Foley that discusses Chaucer’s work as well as his life and times.
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Another medieval classic off my bucket list! Thank you to audio books for making what could have been a slog into a fun romp. This version of the Canterbury Tales is not in the original Middle English in language or pronunciation; it’s been modernized but has caught the spirit of the originally, including staying in meter where it counts. I love that each of the traveller’s tell their stories in a different accent or even voice (there is more than one narrator) and I felt I was in the pilgrimage journey with very human companions. Warning to some readers: a couple of the stories are quite raunchy because that’s the storytellers’ personality. Many are hilarious, a couple quite tragic and there’s a good dose of religious preaching from, of course, the religious characters. The prologues are almost my favorite parts, as the characters reveal their personalities while setting up their tales. Long listen but so worth it.

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