The Captive Voice

Written by:
B.j. Hoff
Narrated by:
Jean DeBarbieris

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2014
6 hours 14 minutes
While honeymooning on the shores of Lake Erie, Daniel and Jennifer Kaine expected a week of relaxation and moonlit strolls on the beach. They hadn\'t counted on meeting Vali Tremayne. Vali, a famous Christian singer, has been in seclusion since the loss of her fiance, Paul Alexander, in a plane crash. But her emotional struggles may not be simply the result of grief over Paul\'s death. Someone is tormenting her, trying to drive her insane - or kill her. And by their association with Vali, the Kaines, too, are thrust into a vortex of deception, where little is as it appears.
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