The Cardinal of the Kremlin

Written by:
Tom Clancy
Narrated by:
Michael Prichard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2010
25 hours 18 minutes
Two men possess vital information on Russia's Star Wars missile defense system.

One of them is Cardinal -- America's highest agent in the Kremlin -- and he's about to be terminated by the KGB.

The other one is the American who can save Cardinal and lead the world to the brink of peace . . . or war.

Here is author Tom Clancy's heart-stopping masterpiece -- a riveting novel about one of the most intriguing issues of our time.
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Chasi D.

I have liked the first 3 other audiobooks in the series because the narrator, while they were all different, were good at handling all of the characters and scene moves. This narrator is, literally, probably the worst I've ever heard. He makes the russians sound stupid and the soft tone that was portrayed with Jack in the other 3 audiobooks didn't match. I hate when series use different narrators but, if they do, they shouldn't use someone so very different.

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John T.

Please read and consider before purchase. Tom Clancy is Tom Clancy. Even his worst book is great this is far from his worst just not his very best but I still love it. I think what ruins it for me on this platform is what I fear the most every time I try a new narrator, they’re absolutely horrible. Some of the women and men are pure artists and capture exactly how one would definitely read to themselves in one’s head; with accents of Russian kgb agents and slightly varying character voices to clearly tell them apart and oh, EMOTION! Not just plow through the whole damn book monotone and like you’re TRYING to put the listener to sleep. Thank God for Tom Clancys writing though I would not recommend listening to this while driving because I feel it could literally bring on a case of narcolepsy. I think I’m just used to GREAT narrators like Scott Brick handling great authors like this not the guy that reads the free books you can get from the free apps who are volunteering and not paid artists because reading to an audience is an art and for 14.99 there should be an artists handling it, not a bulldozer driver who just levels the field in a straight unexciting outright BORING voice ruining the book. Extremely disappointed I do want my money back and will be skipping the next book in the technical order of the jack Ryan series because they used this Michael Prichard again. I’ll be going BACK to Scott Brick who reads the one after the next.

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Deven R.

I was disappointed the same narrator wasn’t used for this title. The previous narrator did such a great job; I was invested and believed in the character. This narrator wasn’t the worst but at times in the story I found my self zoning out.

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Joseph G.

Overall this was a good Clancy read. As with most of his books, there are times when character development seems to slow the storyline. That being said, we fans of Clancy accept this. I think this book was a very good listen.

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You have to stick with for the first 30 minutes., but this book is well worth it.

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Gary Wilson

an absolutely riveting and well-crafted novel. excellent narration.

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Jason Glenn

Amazing story and read! I always love these books...unfortunately this was again very difficult to hear in any setting this less than quiet. I have had a number of the readings from the Tom Clancy series that were difficult to hear regardless of the source or listening device.

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