Carnivore Diet for Beginners: Boost Energy, Improve Weight Loss, and Sleep Better Now by Following a Healthy Carnivorous Meal Plan! Utilize Proven Fat Burning Secrets Within This Ultimate Guide!

Written by:
Bobby Murray
Narrated by:
Chris Cline

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
1 hour 16 minutes
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Did you know that the Carnivore Diet is known to lift brain fog, reduce fatigue, and mitigate signs of depression? Meat doesn’t have refined carbohydrates, which is converted to sugar once ingested by your stomach. Carbohydrates are linked to an increase in hypertension, dental cavities, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.
The problem here is that most diets include carbohydrates, leading to more people suffering its consequences. With the Carnivore Diet, you don’t just lose weight. You also lower inflammation in your body, improve your heart health, and have fewer digestive issues!
In Bobby Murray’s audiobook, “Carnivore Diet for Beginners”, you will learn all the ways in which you can boost energy, improve weight loss, and sleep better using the Carnivore Diet!
With this life-changing dieting guide, you will:
• Completely debunk diet myths and misconceptions and get maximum results
• Quickly learn all the ADVANCED tactics that will give you all the benefits you need
• Maximize results and build a ton of muscle, so you can be stronger than ever
• And so much more!
This ultimate guide is all you need to unlock the PROVEN fat burning Carnivore Diet secrets that will not just help you lose weight, but also give you all the energy you need to get through daily stress!
In this guide, you will get an in-depth breakdown of what the Carnivore Diet is all about, what benefits you can get, and how you can maximize these benefits using easy and practical tips and techniques!
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Dafni Q.

This audiobook gives you everything you will need to know, and more on top. Five stars.

Profile Avatar
Joe C.

Comprehensive information and engaging narration. I’ve followed a carnivore lifestyle for 3 months and my allergies are clearing and I’m dropping weight fast. Couldn’t be happier!

Profile Avatar
Marcus L.

The chapters all build on one another to give a full picture of what it is to be carnivore and how it can help you.

Profile Avatar
Julie P.

This is a quality audiobook, great narration and very high-quality information.

Profile Avatar
Andre A.

If you looking to try the carnivore diet this book is a great source of what to expect, its brilliant. there are meal planning tips and meals included also.

Profile Avatar
Scott M.

I loved the audio book. It has so many parts, plus bonus chapters on combining carnivore with intermittent fasting, and how to eat out while on the diet. I’m a very happy listener.

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