Case File 13 #2: Making the Team

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: J. Scott Savage

Narrated By: Andy Paris

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: September 2013

Duration: 5 hours 51 minutes


You hold in your hands a most frightening file.

Through extensive research and firsthand accounts, I have compiled everything you need to know about case file 13. In this book, you will find the next grisly adventure of three boys whose monster knowledge led them down a path so dark, so dangerous,

Excuse me, aren't you forgetting about the three girls who knew way more about monsters?

Get real, Angie. It's not his fault you girls are so forgettable.

No fighting! You all showed bravery in the face of ghosts, grave robbers, and even mad scientists in this volume alone, and that proves you're all extraordinary.

It's just that the boys are more extraordinary.


Are we quite finished? Now, let's see, where was I . . .

You hold in your hands a most frightening file, chronicling the adventures of three awesome boys whose superior monster knowledge made them way cooler than the girls. This is the second volume. Read on if you dare. . . .

J. Scott Savage has been hunting and writing about monsters for as long as he can remember. His mother believes his first word might have been "lycanthrope," and the first thing he bought with the money he earned delivering newspapers was a six-foot plastic Frankenstein monster. Currently he lives with his undead wife, Jennifer, his shape-changing sons, Jacob and Nicholas, and a collie named Pepper that howls at full moons and joins him on his frequent midnight graveyard excursions. When he is not researching grisly and gruesome facts, he enjoys reading, writing, and exploring the outdoors. Savage is also the author of the middle-grade fantasy series Farworld.