Case of the Vanishing Beauty

Written by:
Richard S. Prather
Narrated by:
Maynard Villers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2010
6 hours 49 minutes
SHELL SCOTT, the shamus who has Sherlock whirling in his grave...the wacky knight-errant of gorgeous gals who leaves a trail of beautiful bodies behind him (not all of em dead)...the private eye who\'s every killer\'s public enemy. This is the first book in this action-packed mystery series. The Case of the Vanishing Beauty began when one beauty vanished from sight and another died in a hail of bullets. Next on the murder list was lovely Lina...Lina who was hotter than a welder\'s torch...and Shell Scott had left his asbestos suit at home.
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