Cash is King: Maintain Liquidity, Build Capital, and Prepare Your Business for Every Opportunity

Written by:
Peter W. Kingma
Narrated by:
Brandon Pollock

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
5 hours 13 minutes
In Cash is King, working capital and cash strategist Peter W. Kingma delivers an insightful and practical discussion of why your company's cash position should be on an equal footing with sales, cost, and service, and how to make that happen. You'll learn why cash is the fuel in your corporate engine and discover the attributes of an organizational cash culture and how to adopt them within your own firm.

While explaining some of the most important—and most misunderstood—corporate finance concepts, this book is not a finance textbook. Instead, it uses case study examples to offer concrete suggestions for improvements in your company that increase the availability of cash when you most need it. You'll also find: discussions of the importance of sufficient liquidity for operational concerns, research and development, and capital improvements; explorations of the consequences of insufficient cash positions; and examinations of the ripple effects of seemingly small decisions that affect cash supply.

An essential resource for managers, executives, and business leaders everywhere, Cash is King is an effective and hands-on exploration of cash as the lifeblood of any modern commercial entity and an incisive guide to ensuring that your company will have enough of it when it's required.
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