The Castle in the Forest

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Written By: Norman Mailer

Narrated By: Harris Yulin

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: January 2007

Duration: 15 hours 56 minutes


Who was Adolf Hitler? It's a question writers have been trying to answer for more than sixty years. But after thousands of biographies, histories, novels, and films, many fundamental questions remain: How do you explain Hitler's evil? Where did it come from? Could it happen again? Norman Mailer sets out to answer these and other questions about Hitler in his gripping new novel. Spanning three generations, and a hundred years of history, the The Castle in the Forest brings to life the Hitlers--grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and, ultimately, young Adolf--in a profound and wildly entertaining family saga.


  • Aaargh

    I only lasted through 7 discs of this verbose mess, fast-forwarding through the worst of the run-on obsessive Freudian gobbledygook (which added up to a lot of fast-forwarding). I didn't find much insight, or any point really, to speculation that Hitler was a product of incest, or the concept of a 'lesser devil' positioned as a Nazi, manipulating Hitler's upbringing under the direction of Satan. Extremely tedious and unappealing.

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  • chezann

    This audiobook is neither gripping nor wildly entertaining. I listened to 8 of the15 disks only because I was cleaning the house for guests and was too busy to find something else to listen to. There is, so far, nothing about a castle in the forest and precious little about young Hitler. The disks go on and on and on about his family and other happenings. The narrator reads more slowly than one would like. I am returning it, confident any other audiobook would be more enriching to my life.

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