The Celestials

Narrated by:
Rachael Tidd

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
3 hours 10 minutes
'The Celestials stirs and inspires the soul with words written from the heart. It is a book to be shared with others; to share knowledge and information that might prove beneficial and also because the author genuinely believes in the powerful and creative force of the human spirit. Knowledge and awareness she says is not solitary by nature.
From the Angelic Realm and channelling the words of her guide White Feather, Marie-Angele Corynne, has written this guide to help the reader better understand their life and its complexities, to look inside and to connect with the spirit for the answers.
It is hoped that the Universal messages contained within the pages act as a beacon of hope, whilst also sharing joy and warmth as we, the human family walk the journey together.
The Celestials has a Universal message of peace and love to be shared with others ... it encourages people to go beyond their comfort zone and to experience other challenges in life and to understand their own creative power.'
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Leslie J.

Meh…thought it would get better. I kept falling asleep.

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