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Book Rating (102)

Narrator Rating (4)


Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Terry Goodkind

Narrated By: Jim Bond

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: January 2005

Duration: 26 hours 18 minutes


"How much of this blood is his?" "Most of it, I'm afraid," a second woman said as they both rushed along beside him. As Richard fought to focus his mind on his need to remain conscious, the breathless voices sounded to him as if they were coming from some great dim distance. He wasn't sure who they were. He knew that he knew them, but right then it just didn't seem to matter. The crushing pain in the left side of his chest and his need for air had him at the ragged edge of panic. It was all he could do to try to pull each crucial breath. Even so, he had a bigger worry. Richard struggled to put voice to his burning concern, but he couldn't form the words, couldn't get out any more than a gasping moan. He clutched the arm of the woman beside him, desperate to get them to stop, to get them to listen. She misunderstood and instead urged the men carrying him to hurry, even though they already panted with the effort of bearing him over the rocky ground in the deep shade among the towering pines. They tried to be as gentle as possible, but they never dared to slow. Not far off, a rooster crowed in the still air, as if this were an ordinary morning like any other. Richard observed the storm of activity swirling around him with an odd sense of detachment. Only the pain seemed real. He remembered hearing it once said that when you died, no matter how many people were with you, you died alone. That's how he felt now - alone.


  • Camerom B

    **********. SPOILERS. *********** Shota's rambling about how there's no pattern to how the blood beast attacks was mind numbing... How are the sisters of the dark able to use their powers in the People's Palace? Don't make sense broham..

  • Kristina Stelter

    After returning to this beloved series after almost a decade, it's a shame to realise just how terrible the author is. Repetitive, dull, and lazy writing drivel on for over 24 hours of stretched out story. An ode to Ayn Rand, this book is as obnoxious as Ayn herself. Even the narrator seems bored to tears.

  • Alan Swanson

    I've so enjoyed revisiting this series once again.

  • Anonymous

    overall an entertaining epic story that drags you in but too many parts wallow in mind-numbing detail.

  • Susan Tortorici

    Terry Goodkind touches the real feelings in us all and spellbinds us with twists and turns that leave you breathless. Excellent

  • Mark Pope

    Wonderful. Fully developed characters, good storyline. Classic.

  • Shannon Lowry

    I didn't complete this book for I have come under the impression that Goodkind is milking the series for all the money he can make off it. Details are explained over and over again in exhaustive succession. It would also seem that the main character only encounters idiots who need morals and concepts explained in exruciating detail that a 16 year old would get. I think it is such a shame that this series had to go down hill. Books 1-4 and 6 were all very worth reading. Book five is asinine but it's necessary for book six. Seven is okay. Naked Empire and Chainfire are horrible.

  • Anonymous

    Goodkind's novels are always long and drawn out. This one is the same but has more excitement and action than was present in his past few books. I did enjoy Chainfire and will read the sequel as well. I did have two complaints. The narrator frequently uses a distracting sing-song style with odd emphasis on inappropriate words. I also felt that the novel ended abrubtly with no resolution of the conflict. Perhaps the book should have been longer?

  • Anonymous

    another bad book in this long drawn out saga of endless preaching and repeating of plot. The series should have stopped after the 3rd book. Pages (or CDs) of the same things being said over and over again. This 22disc book could work much better in about 4 or 5 discs. Too much of the preaching that this series has come to focus on instead of adventure and actual story.

  • Anonymous

    there should be a warning not to listen to book one while driving... the first cd is so boring and drawnout that I nearly fell asleep....it fails to catch your attention to say the least.... I have to admit that I couldn't get past the second CD... the writing style is trite and semi-corney.... rent something else....


by Terry Goodkind

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