Chakra Healing and Third Eye Awakening, Collection: Discover how to Awaken And Balance Chakras, Radiate Positive Energy and Consciousness with Mindfulness Meditation

Written by:
Michael Pond
Narrated by:
John Palmer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
6 hours 48 minutes
Are you feeling lost and listless? Are you looking for balance in all the wrong places? Could you benefit from a clearer mind or a healthier life?
If you find yourself saying ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then this is the perfect audiobook for you. You’ll learn all about the fascinating history of the chakras, and how their natural powers can bring balance and harmony to your life including how to awaken your third eye.
For thousands of years, the Hindus have documented the various energy points located throughout the body. These psychic force fields, known as the seven chakras, emanate energy from within, and by unlocking their power one can reap the benefits of a healthier mind and balanced life.
You can simply plug in your headphones and be guided through the process in real time! It's the best guide for teaching people how to foster mindful lifestyles that will serve them in the highest way possible.
This book will change your life and free yourself from negative energies. NOW is the time to make a change and live a happier life! Buy your copy Today!
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Stefy N.

I really enjoyed how to awaken the third eye! Love Chakras!

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I finally discovered how to unlock Chakras!

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Anna S.

Chakras are so important! I unblocked them listening to this audiobook!

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Peter C.

very interesting time spent listening to this Audiobook!!

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Sandra S.

This audiobooks was perfect audiobook for me!!!

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Christiana B.

This audiobook helped to free myself from negative energies!!! Recommended !!

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Paola M.

I learned the fascinating history of the chakras, so Interesting!! It helped me a lot....

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Peter F.

This audiobook changed my life, recommended!!

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Sophia J.

This audiobook helped to unlock power one and reap the benefits of a healthier mind and balanced life!!

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Amelia K.

I discovered new concepts and new rules on how to unleash energies !!! What a great audiobook

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Olivia P.

Thanks to this audiobook I discovered how to balance chakras!! What a great deal!

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Charlotte C.

I was in chakra healing since a while, this book helped me to understand how to release energies in my body! Recommended

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