Champions Body-for-LIFE

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Art Carey

Narrated By: Michelle Lee

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: June 2008

Duration: 4 hours 57 minutes


The all-new official guide to the Body-for-LIFE Challenge, with success secrets and tips to help you win your own personal Body-for-LIFE Challenge, by Body-for-LIFE Challengers and Champions from the past 10 years.

Champions Body-for-LIFE is not just another diet or fitness book'it's a book of personal transformation. The Body-for-LIFE 12-week journey has changed the lives of millions. What makes it so successful?

It's Simple. It Works.
All it takes:

12 weeks
4 hours of exercise per week
6 small, balanced, and nutritious meals per day'never be hungry again
Now, Body-for-LIFE Champions and Challengers share how they created new and better lives for themselves, simply by following these three rules:

1. Know your reasons for changing (Chapter 2)
2. Write them down (Chapter 3)
3. Get started (Chapter 4)
You do have the power to change your body, your mind, your life.

Hear how men and women become Champions as you follow the 12-week story of two Body-for-LIFE Challengers. Mark Unger, a major in the U.S. Marine Corps, and Alexa Adair, a college student, share their personal Journeys of Transformation'from their Decisive Moments, to Starting the Challenge, Week 12, and a year later. Week by week, they chronicle the excitement, the tough moments, and the life-transforming experience of finishing their own personal Challenges.

Science Shows Body-for-LIFE Works

For more than 10 years, millions of people have proven with their real-life transformations that Body-for-LIFE works. Now science shows it works, too! In a clinical study of overweight men and women, the people who followed Body-for-LIFE:

Lost approximately twice as much body and belly fat as the control group and moderate exercise higher-carb group
Decreased body fat by 21 percent on average
Decreased body weight by 11 pounds on average
Decreased belly fat by 26 percent on average
Champions Body-for-LIFE is for everyone'whether you're starting your first Body-for-LIFE Challenge or your fourth.


  • zachariah savard

    I learnt so much. Now to listen to the original version of the book!