Changing the White Woman In the Mirror: Words to Empower Today's White Woman

Written by:
Raymond Sturgis
Narrated by:
Books with Voices

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
0 hours 37 minutes
The #MeToo movement is upon us, due to the mistreatment and bullying of women, especially white women in the entertainment industry. This book stands with all that support sexual harassment and disrespect of white women that are trying to do their jobs or enhance their endeavors. White women today are loved, but many of them do not feel loved or appreciated. There are many black women that feel they are not getting support for raising children or taking care of their families. Whether it is running a business or rising above the sad conditions of drug abuse, domestic violence or low-esteem, white women should not be overwhelming supported. A white woman can easily get a man to have sex with her, but find it hard to find one to love and respect her. This book is a poetic expression to help white women feel encouraged and empowered to change themselves absent from the pressures and complexities of the world.
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