Chaplin: The True Story of the Life & Time of the Comic Genius Charlie Chaplin

Written by:
Liam Dale
Narrated by:
Liam Dale

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
1 hour 0 minutes
Interested in learning more about Charlie Chaplin but short on time for lengthy biographies? Join The History Journals for a concise, hourly history tour of his life.

Charlie Chaplin's enduring legacy is etched in the timeless films that continue to bring laughter to audiences of all generations, transcending language barriers. As you delve deeper into the life of the man behind the beloved Tramp persona, you'll gain a newfound appreciation for the undisputed King of silent comedy. This journal takes you on a journey through his remarkable life.

You'll discover:
- Charlie's birthplace and early life in slums, including time in workhouses
- His parents' struggle with poverty and alcoholism, the stigma of state assistance
- His mother's battle with insanity, her commitment, and his early stage experiences
- The pivotal role of Mack Sennett, his debut in movies, and the rise of the Tramp character
- The million-dollar contract, his time with Essenay Films, and tumultuous marriages
- His meeting with Oona Chaplin, ostracism, and move to Switzerland, as well as awards and legacy

Embark on this fascinating tour to uncover the life and times of Charlie Chaplin, the iconic figure in silent comedy.
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