Cherry at the Stars

Cherry at the Stars

Written by:
Damla Ayzeren
Narrated by:
Esin Harvey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
0 hours 11 minutes
How would you go to the stars?

If you think that it’s impossible to reach them, then you haven’t met Cherry yet!

Cherry wants to reach the stars just like the butterflies she saw in her dream. Her scientist grandad tells her that it’s impossible but when Cherry dreams about something, she surely looks for ways to make it happen! And she always finds one!

Curious, ingenious, grumpy and full of mischief! You will surely hear the kids giggle at the cranky acts of Cherry, while listening to her funny adventures.

With its original music composed by Kerem Köseoglu, and the fun narration by Esin Harvey, 'Cherry at the Stars' is the perfect bedtime story for kids who are curious about the night sky.

The audiobook is one of the four books in “The Adventures of Cherry” series, which aim to encourage children for creative thinking, make them develop powerful imaginations and build effective relationships in their social environments.
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