Chet Gecko, Private Eye: Book 3 - The Big Nap

Written by:
Bruce Hale
Narrated by:
Jon Cryer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2008
1 hour 37 minutes
Grammar school—it's all about eating and sleeping. Well, for Chet Gecko, anyway.

To Chet, nothing is more divine than a plate of Mrs. Bagoong's Mothloaf Surprise followed by a sweet bit of shut-eye on the playground. (Besides a few Pillbug Crunch bars and a monthlong holiday, that is.)

In this hilarious mystery from Chet's tattered casebook, he and his mockingbird partner, Natalie Attired, must catch a cafeteria thief, foil the sinister plans of a weaselly zombie master . . . and still take part in the Nations of the World PTA assembly. (Fourth-grade detectives get no respect.)
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