The Child Thief

Written by:
Narrated by:
Kirby Heyborne

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2010
19 hours 36 minutes
The acclaimed artist Brom brilliantly displays his multiple extraordinary talents in The Child Thief—a spellbinding re-imagining of the beloved Peter Pan story that carries readers through the perilous mist separating our world from the realm of Faerie. As Gregory Maguire did with his New York Times bestselling Wicked novels, Brom takes a classic children’s tale and turns it inside-out, painting a Neverland that, like Maguire’s Oz, is darker, richer, more complex than innocent world J.M. Barrie originally conceived. An ingeniously executed literary feat, illustrated with Brom’s sumptuous artwork, The Child Thief is contemporary fantasy at its finest—casting Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, even Captain Hook and his crew in a breathtaking new light.
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This book was awesome. Slow at times, but picked up thru the story. Sad, funny, many adult choices that children had to make. Very interesting.

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Colby R.

Worthwhile listen!

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A brilliant retelling of Peter Pan amongst other myths and legends. Brash, violent at times (ok, most of the time), it picks you up and doesn’t let you go until the end. Nick, the boy who stumbles into the Child Thief’s hands- he is what keeps you centred in this fast paced novel. But in the end, even he finds out that promises aren’t always kept.

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a wild ride full of action and gore. A story full rich charactes that will make you questions why suddenly find yourself taking their side and cheering for then regardles of everything they have done.

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