Chris the Caterpillar (A Music Audio Story): Storytime with Anna Christina

Chris the Caterpillar (A Music Audio Story): Storytime with Anna Christina

Written by:
Anna Christina
Narrated by:
Anna Christina
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
0 hours 3 minutes
Chris the Caterpillar fills children's hearts with magic and leaves them feeling uplifted.
This magical original story is about a caterpillar, called Chris, who wants to have colourful wings. One day, a fairy discovers Chris looking sad! She decides to call on her friends, the flowers in the garden, to help her make magic and turn Chris into a butterfly. But does Chris believe in magic?

As the fairy takes a tiny splash of all the colours from the flowers, children learn the name and colour of each flower. Chris the Caterpillar instils positive messages about patience, self-belief and cooperation.


- Specially composed dynamic classical music throughout the narrative
- Immersive sound design
- Sound effects and Foley
- Full cast - multiple character voices
- Narrated and created by the author, Anna Christina

Music Audio Stories are entertaining immersive full cast music audiobooks with brilliant soundtracks, sing-along songs, sound effects, and fun stories in an animal kingdom. Created by the multi-award-winning author, narrator, musician, producer, and owner of Music Audio Stories, Anna Christina.

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Copyright ©2022 Anna Christina. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring, or rental of Music Audio Stories is prohibited.
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