A Christmas Gathering

Written by:
Anne Perry
Narrated by:
Jenny Sterlin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
4 hours 44 minutes
A cold case adds an extra chill to the holiday season as bestselling author Anne Perry whisks readers to an elegant home in the English countryside for a Christmas of secrets, soul-searching, and forgiveness.
As beautiful as it may be, their friends’ country house is not where Lady Vespasia wishes to spend Christmas with her new husband, Victor Narraway. She’d have preferred a relaxing holiday at home with him—especially as Victor, former head of the London Special Branch, seems to be hiding undercover dealings with the other guests who have gathered at the spacious estate.
As tensions grow, the young and beautiful Iris Watson-Watt becomes the center of several men’s focus. Unbeknownst to Vespasia, Iris carries a sensitive package that she must pass to Victor in the hope of unmasking a British traitor. While Victor plots his moves, he is reminded of a similar case from twenty years before, when a young Frenchwoman also carried a clandestine message—one that resulted in her murder, unsolved to this day. Victor has always been tormented by his failure to protect her, and now, with all eyes on Iris, Victor must act fast before history repeats itself.
With the joy of Christmas at risk of being forgotten and Vespasia feeling alone with a distracted husband, Victor must ultimately learn to forgive himself in order to save both his country and the spirit of the holiday.
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A little twee for me. Too much description of pretentious

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Anne Perry fans will enjoy this book's focus on Lady Vespasia and Victor Narraway. The action takes place at a Christmas gathering at a country estate, but the story has little to do w/ Christmas. The narrator's skill along with the well-written lead characters more than make-up for the occasionally pedantic dialogue and somewhat repetitive themes.

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Leigh K.

I enjoy Anne Perry’s writing. This story is especially interesting considering that I only recently learned that Anne Perry murdered someone when she was 15. The message in this story about human frailties, faults, forgiveness, and mercy are a bit more meaningful.

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