Chronicles of the Last Liturian: Book One - The Diary of Oliver Lee

Written by:
Kenneth Rogers Jr.
Narrated by:
Kenneth Rogers Jr.

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
4 hours 56 minutes
The Diary of Oliver Lee tells the tale of the last Liturian, cursed and blessed with the ability to 'stream' stories from the minds of others and tell the tales they can't. As a young boy, Kevin is pulled toward a mysterious used bookstore that only he seems able to see. He enters and meets an eccentric sales clerk who gives him the diary of a man named Oliver Lee. The boy takes the book home and reads of the old man's lifelong search for a couple he has never met, as well as his journey through the lives of the fantastic and the ordinary to find and save their lives. After he finishes reading the diary, the boy races back to the bookstore, but finds that it is now empty. Begin the chronicle and understand the mystery, the lies, and the truth of Oliver Lee in this unforgettable, puzzling fantasy novel, which is the first book in the Liturian trilogy.
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