Church Folk

Written by:
Michele Andrea Bowen
Narrated by:
Denise Burse

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2014
10 hours 0 minutes
Raised in the South with strong religious influences, Michele Andrea Bowen makes her literary debut with Church Folk. Weaving together the turbulent 1960s Civil Rights movement with the chaos within the Greater Hope Gospel United Church, Bowen carries a message of hope that transcends human failings. Young, handsome Rev. Theophilus Simmons and his new bride Essie settle into pastoral life as the 'first couple' of the congregation. Although Theophilus makes references to the civil rights struggles in his sermons, most of his energy is directed toward fighting enemies within his flock. Uncovering a brothel set up in a parishioner's funeral home by a band of sleazy ministers and bishops, Theophilus realizes that he must do the next right thing--no matter how much backlash could come of it.
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I absolutely loved this book. Although the setting was before my time, I felt like I knew the characters personally because no matter the era, church folks are still church folks, lol! I found the book to be funny, sensual, joyful and just about every other emotion in between. The narrator did a great job, and I especially appreciated the authors description of each character. I found myself reminiscing about times gone by, remembering my mother and her friends on any given Sunday morning.

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