Church of St. Theodore Stratilates on the Brook. Velikiy Novgorod. Russia

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Tatiana Volodina

Narrated By: Karolina Starin

Publisher: Cities Heirs of Byzantium Non Profit Association ACEB

Date: March 2017

Duration: 0 hours 17 minutes


The audioguide tells the story, describes architecture and reports interesting facts about the Church of San Teodoro Stratilate on the Stream, founded in 1360.

This church represents a radical change in the architecture of Novgorod, its true masterpiece, which then became a classic model for architects for more than a century. The frescoes of the church of San Teodoro Stratilate represent one of the manifestations of Byzantine art, expressing the mystical mood of the monastic environment. The frescoes of the church were made between 1378 and 1396. Their contractor is unknown.

The author of this unique pictorial complex is unknown, but some signs, such as the precision with which Greek texts were painted and the similarity with the Greek frescoes of Teofane, make us infer that it was a Byzantine artist. You can examine the 3D model of the church and observe its interior through the MuByz App. This audioguide has been made by professionals in the field of history and art.