Classic Radio's Greatest Science Fiction Shows, Collection 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
5 hours 0 minutes
This collection contains 12 of the greatest science fiction shows ever broadcast during the Golden Age of Radio – including episodes of X Minus One, Suspense, The CBS Radio Workshop, Escape, Murder At Midnight and many others. Radio’s finest actors perform before the microphones, including: Frank Lovejoy, Mason Adams, Eddie Bracken, Ann Blyth, Ian Martin, Lon Clark, Everett Sloane, Jackson Beck and many more. You’ll be entertained by master sci-fi writers: Mary Shelley, Robert Heinlein, Graham Doar and many others. Relive 12 of the best radio sci-fi shows from yesterday and the legendary stars that made them amazing in this incredible collection. Murder At Midnight 6/21/46 Terror Out of Space
X Minus One 8/8/57 The Scapegoat
Escape 2/7/50 The Outer Limits
Two Thousand Plus 5/3/50 When the Worlds Met
The CBS Radio Workshop 7/21/57 The Green Hills of Earth
The Mysterious Traveler 6/22/48 Zero Hour
Space Patrol 2/7/53 Crash Landing
Exploring Tomorrow 12/18/57 The Happiness Effect
The Weird Circle 2/10/44 Frankenstein
Tales of Tomorrow 01/22/53 The Other Now
Academy Award Theater 10/9/46 It Happened Tomorrow
Suspense 2/11/62 The Man Who Went Back to Save Lincoln
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