Clayton Grange: Series 1&2: A BBC Radio 4 comedy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
3 hours 40 minutes
Anthony Head stars in the BBC Radio sitcom about a team of brilliantly stupid scientists who are as bad at life as they are at science

Hidden in the midst of a remote Surrey village (at the top of the hill, opposite Budgens) is top-secret scientific research institute Clayton Grange. There, a team of bumbling boffins, led by the keen but hopeless Professor Linden Saunders, try to fulfil their government brief to solve the global fuel crisis, cheer people up and make war just a bit more gentle. Sadly, they're as rubbish at science as they are at life - but they're not going to let mere incompetence stop them from pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.

In these two series, they try to make the nation happier (with the help of a relentlessly cheerful robot named Bunty); endeavour to bring a man back from the dead; launch their revolutionary spray-on clothes and take advantage of 'bring your child to work day' to do some controversial genetic manipulation. But there's trouble in store when a local MP comes to visit; an embarrassing virus escapes from the lab; and the team tries to impress a visiting Nobel Prize judge with their self-replicating killer robo-ants...

Scripted by Neil Warhurst with additional material by Paul Barnhill, this sparkling comedy stars Anthony Head as Saunders, with a full cast including Neil Warhurst, Paul Barnhill, Stephanie Racine, Don Gilet and Miriam Margolyes.

Production credits
Written by Neil Warhurst with extra material by Paul Barnhill
Produced and directed by Marion Nancarrow and Sally Avens

Professor Saunders - Anthony Head
Geoff Prowse - Neil Warhurst
Roger Bucks - Paul Barnhill
Alice Jameson - Stephanie Racine
Helen/Bunty/Lionel/Verenovsky/Quiz master - Don Gilet
Alan Dobson - Paul Stonehouse
Silas - Joe Sims
Gwynnie - Heather Craney
Giles Bentley - David Cann
Danny - Wilf Scolding
Kurt/Announcer - Clive Hayward
Aunt Felicity - Miriam Margolyes
Simon Prowse - Albie Warhurst
Izzy - Cassie Layton
Anders Bjornstad - Simon Kunz

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 25 September-16 October 2012 (Series 1), 10 June-1 July 2014 (Series 2)

'Brilliantly funny' The Observer

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