The Clearing

Written by:
Lina J. Potter
Narrated by:
Tiffany Morgan

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2018
11 hours 29 minutes
You change the world, but the world changes you too. There is no getting around it. And thus, the simple wish to live changed the life of medical student Aliya irrevocably. Trapped in a body that isn’t hers, and a world in which she does not belong, Aliya has made her decision – she must survive.

Similar to the Middle Ages, but not entirely, Medieval Tale takes place in the dark ages of Ativerna, a universe inhabited by different populations that worship different gods. In this world, women are deprived their voices and their abilities to pursue ambition. There are just five things a woman can be: a daughter, wife, mother, widow, and slut. Women that stand out are burnt on the stake as witches.

Will Aliya be able to counterbalance the darkness with her yearning for life, her bright mind and her confidence, without raising too much suspicion? Something smells fishy in the estate of Earton, and despite Aliya’s prudence she attracts both curiosity and jealousy. She is too different from the Lilian everyone knew. Will they discover her truth?

As if dealing with corruption, discontent, famine and devastation weren’t enough, she has to take care of her stepdaughter Miranda, who acts like a spoiled little brat. Lilian is determined; she will not let her authority be undermined.

Silent times make way for a turbulent storm. While Aliya is cleaning the castle of both dust and snitches, her husband the Earl of Earton meets the now widowed Adele. Will he be able to uncover her sinister plans? Meanwhile Prince Richard is allowed to choose his bride. Will princess Anna of Welster succeed in conquering his heart and keep the Jester satisfied?

The saga continues...
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